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Emetophobia (fear of vomit)



    Emetophobia (also known as 'fear of being sick' or 'fear of vomiting phobia') is the irrational and overwhelming fear of vomiting.

    This could be the fear of themselves being sick, feeling nauseated, hearing or seeing someone else being sick or even being around someone who has just informed them that they suspect they have a stomach or gastro bug.

    There is often no logical cause for this phobia which can make it even more perplexing for the emetophobe. What is generally agreed, however, is that the sufferer is trying to gain control over their environment. This can be by refusing to eat out in restaurants, watching use-by dates, tending to stay away from clubs and pubs, refusing to travel on planes or other public transport and even avoiding pregnancy because of the risk of morning sickness (I know of emetophobes who have terminated a pregnancy rather than go through morning sickness). Read more...


    Emetophobes tend to be very intelligent people. They are also usually obsessive (often about germs and dirt). Vomiting to these people tends to be something that is disgusting and they can’t imagine how they could survive a vomiting attack.

    Most emetophobes haven’t vomited in years and have no intention of doing so although the fear of this is always lurking in their minds.

    Celebrities who have been known to struggle with emetophobia are James Dean, Cameron Diaz, Howie Mandel, Denise Richards, Kate Beckinsdale, Joan Baez and Matt Lauer. Read more...


    Firstly here are some myths about emetophobia:

    •     *  Emetophobia is a rare condition
    •     *  OCD and emetophobia are one and the                 same condition.
    •     *  It can’t be treated

    This vomit phobia is not rare at all. It is believed that 8% (or more) of females have these fears to varying degrees. It is much more common with females than males with about 2% of males known to have it.

    The emetophobic has often spent a fortune trying a myriad of therapies in an attempt to find a cure but unfortunately most psychologists or therapists don’t understand enough about the condition or how to treat it. Many emetophobes have been convinced that there is no cure at all for this phobia of vomiting with most forums discussing the hopelessness of the situation. This just isn’t true.

    Emetophobia is being treated very successfully by me using the Mind Empowerment programme. And calm down… there’s no exposure therapy done with this programme! Read more...

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About Liz Hogon

  • Liz is a fully qualified professional hypnotherapist, hypnoanalyst  who, prior to her return to Australia, was working full-time in a busy practice at her private clinic in London.
  • She has been a therapist now for over 16 years treating people across a wide range of issues including fears, phobias, anxiety and stopping smoking.
  • She is a specialist in the treatment of emetophobia
    so stop suffering in silence - there is effective help available that actually works in about 6 sessions.

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Who Is SUITABLE For Treatment ?

Anyone suffering with this phobia who's finally decided that they've had enough and wants to put 100% effort into getting better. Don't bother calling or emailing if you're looking for a magic wand because there isn't one! Those that really put the effort in with this amazing programme are the ones who succeed.


5-6 weekly sessions are required. If access to my clinic is a problem the sessions can be conducted very successfully via Skype.


This treatment programme is research based with a very high success rate.

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